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Design & Planning

A network’s design directly impacts the performance, capacity, predictability, and reliability of a network, and getting it right is essential for future expansion. We help plan and design successful networks that utilise all your network assets, support future growth, increase optimal performance, reduce operational costs, and provide excellent service.

Our Design & Planning capabilities include planning services, site and system architecture design and service management, covering everything from site surveys to complete project management and delivery.

Whether your project is a stand-alone single-site installation or a multi-site deployment, we work closely with you to design and plan a solution that supports your technical initiatives and meet your project’s objectives, deadlines, and budget.

We are committed to creating networks that improve performance, responsiveness, and scalability, increase ROI, reduce inefficient and costly redesign, fast-track the implementation of new technologies, and predict and avoid resource and capacity shortages.

Our network Design & Planning services include:

  • Wi-Fi networks
  • In-building solutions
  • Site surveys and design
  • Radiofrequency coverage solutions
  • Radiofrequency simulation
  • Point to point microwave
  • Point to multi-point

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