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CCTV Systems Gold Coast

Don’t fall victim to vandalism and theft. Stay safe and protected under the security of a Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system. CCTV systems are a valuable asset to any home or business, deterring crime and playing a significant role in criminal apprehension and punishment. Keep your home or workplace safe from crime and theft by investing in a CCTV system from the Gold Coast’s most experienced CCTV team, M-Techs.

M-Techs are experts in CCTV systems on the Gold Coast. Our master security technicians offer end-to-end CCTV, access control, and complete security solutions, including design, installation and commissioning and easy to afford maintenance options.

cctv systems gold coast

CCTV Systems

We provide services for both wired analog CCTV cameras and digital IP/network cameras, which offer HD quality footage, easier management, and easier installation.

We utilise the leading brands of CCTV systems, including Verkada, Bosh, Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, Honeywell, Nest, Panasonic, Samsung, Swann, TVT, Uniden, and Uniview. Moreover, we ensure all new installations come with a 5 year manufactures warranty, are installed neatly and cleanly without any damage to your property, and our ‘on-time and on budget’ guarantee.

Complete Security Solutions

Our security expertise and services transcend CCTV systems. For a complete security solution, we can also provide:

  • Access Control Installation & Maintenance
  • CCTV Installation & Maintenance
  • Gates and Barriers
  • Intercoms
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring

M-Techs is the team to call, whether you’re after a new CCTV system, access control system or complete security solution, or an upgrade or maintenance on your existing CCTV system. Our highly experienced team can review your premises and devise the best security solution to meet your needs and budget. We service the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and beyond and offer 24/7 maintenance support.

Reasons to invest in CCTV System on the Gold Coast

When it comes to reasons to invest in CCTV systems on the Gold Coast, reasons are vast. However, theft prevention and safety are two key concerns for any business or homeowner. They’re also two key benefits of investing in a CCTV system on the Gold Coast. But, they’re not the only benefits.

M-Techs install CCTV systems for business and commercial premises, as well as residential applications.

In a commercial environment, CCTV systems can be beneficial for protecting staff, assets and property, reducing theft in the workplace, lowering insurance costs, avoiding fraudulent compensation payouts, monitoring workflow, monitoring visitors, increasing productivity and profit, reducing the need for 24/7 security staff, documenting activity for criminal cases, providing evidence in internal disputes, deterring criminals, and preventing sexual harassment and violence in the workplace.

CCTV systems can help protect family, assets, and property in a residential environment, reduce theft and break-ins, lower insurance costs, document activity for criminal cases, and deter criminals.

Whether you’re a business owner, own commercial premises or are a homeowner, there is great value in investing in a CCTV system. Contact the CCTV experts at M-Techs today for a free quote on a tailored solution.

Who can benefit from CCTV Camera Systems

CCTV camera systems on the Gold Coast benefit business owners and homeowners, but some will experience more significant value and gain more from the investment.

Businesses that can benefit significantly from CCTV camera systems include hospitality businesses such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, car dealerships, construction companies, office businesses, retail shops, shopping centres, mining operations, and warehouses and factories. Such businesses have high asset value or keep a high volume of cash on-premises, attracting theft and burglary or the potential for violence. In either case, CCTV cameras can act as a strong deterrent and offer the additional benefits mentioned above.

Homeowners that can benefit significantly from CCTV camera systems include those that live in high-crime rate areas such as Surfers Paradise, Mermaid Beach, Broadbeach, Broadbeach Waters, Southport, and Coolangatta. Those that often travel leaving their home unoccupied can also benefit from CCTV cameras, as too can those in dangerous or high-profile jobs such as politicians, business people, celebrities, judges, prosecutors, and law informants.

Contact M-Techs today to enquire about having CCTV cameras installed in your Gold Coast home or workplace.

Need a bespoke solution for a specific project?

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