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What is Smart IoT?

Smart IoT, or Smart Internet of Things, relates to the billions of electrical devices connected to the internet, collecting and exchanging data with one another worldwide.

Today’s level of digital intelligence enables ‘things’ like automotive equipment, on-street sensors, smart home and wearable devices to communicate real-time data without any human input. Data acquired from such devices is stored in the cloud, allowing both public and private sector efficiency to be improved, resulting in economic advantages and improvements to citizens’ lives.

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Smart Cities

Smart Cities are one of the most innovative products of Smart IoT.

Smart Cities leverage technology to increase efficiencies and improve the quality of services and life for their citizens, while maximising the use of resources.

M-Techs connect Low Power Wide Area (LPWAN) and cellular wireless technologies to improve infrastructure, convenience, efficiency, and quality of life. Our Smart City solutions can reduce services and physical infrastructure costs and improve sustainability through the intelligent pairing of devices and data.

Smart City Examples

Examples of smart city technology include:

  • Smart connected traffic lights
  • Smart congestion management systems
  • Smart traffic control systems
  • Smart waste management systems
  • Smart gunshot detection systems
  • Smart air quality sensors
  • Smart street lighting

If you’re looking to improve the Gold Coast or Brisbane, we can help. Our technicians have the expertise and capability to develop bespoke Smart City technology, such as the examples above. We can conquer growing environmental, social, and economic challenges, making the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond, better places to live by making cities smarter.

Contact M-Techs today to see how we can utilise Smart IoT to optimise infrastructure, mobility, public services, and utilities for your project or city.

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