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Solar CCTV Cameras

M-Techs offers a range of fixed and portable Solar CCTV to provide effective security solutions no matter the environment.

Large and remote/distant areas such as farms, beaches, national parks, mining, and construction sites are at a disadvantage when it comes to surveillance and security systems using conventional CCTV. Solar camera systems, however, are well-equipped to mitigate many of the challenges associated with securing a large area situated in a remote location.

M-TECHS solar cameras can be designed to suit any customers needs. Working closely with our customers we are able to design solutions which can include multiple cameras, 360° cameras, battery back up, wireless connectivity (4G / Wi-Fi / LTE / Point to Point), advanced AI and more.

We have a history of producing innovative designs and state-of-the-art systems that continue to set new industry standards.

What is solar power CCTV?

Solar-powered CCTV uses solar panels to convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity which can be used to power CCTV.

Even if there’s a lack of sunlight, solar power CCTV can still function properly. It receives power from rechargeable batteries that store extra electrical power generated by the solar panel.

Solar power CCTV is ideal for challenging environments. What’s more, it can monitor sites with any level of connectivity and in any weather condition.

Benefits and features of solar power CCTV

No matter the model, all solar power CCTV offers:

  • A solution with less external wiring than traditional CCTV
  • A system that requires little outside support from electricians and other staff
  • Weather-resistant surveillance for reliable security at any time of year
  • Rechargeable power to rely on at times when there’s less sunlight

All of these features make solar power CCTV an attractive prospect for companies that crave streamlined, stress-free surveillance that offers the perks of sustainability and enhanced security in one simple solution. Solar power CCTV is often more cost-effective, more reliable and easier to install.

Need a bespoke solution for a specific project?

Contact the M-Techs team to discuss your project needs today.