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Wireless Networks Gold Coast

The world today would be a very different place had it not been for the invention of wireless network technology. The ability to go “wireless” has made way for endless possibilities and technological advances driven by wireless solutions.

For wireless network solutions on the Gold Coast, turn to M-Techs. As one of the Gold Coast’s foremost wireless network experts, our network installers have the experience and expertise to manage, maintain, develop and install wireless networks for all applications. From large scale corporations to small residential installs, we’re equipped to provide wireless network solutions to meet all needs, communication challenges, and budgets.

Our experienced network installers will work with you to devise a wireless network plan that considers your current network and future demands. Once the best solution is determined, our installers will deploy and install the network with minimal interruption to your business.

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Wireless Network Installations

M-Techs specialise in end-to-end wireless network installations, from the network’s Operations & Maintenance and Project Management to its Design & Planning and, Deployment & Integration.

Some of the wireless network services we offer to customers on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and beyond include Point-to-Point WiFi, Indoor WiFi, Guest WiFi and Corporate WiFi, Outdoor WiFi, and Mesh WiFi. We also leverage wireless networks for commissioned IoT (Internet of Things) solutions, for which we also install and maintain.

Indoor Wireless Installation Services

Having an indoor wireless network installed is essential for communication and productivity in today’s technologically driven society.

Offices, schools, colleges, warehouses, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, libraries, aged care facilities, and hospitals are just some of the businesses our indoor wireless installation services have helped, increasing mobility and connectivity and reducing costs.

Outdoor WiFi/Wireless Installation Services

Don’t let poor outdoor WiFi connectivity and dropouts disrupt your business, disgruntle your guests, and cost you money. In industries like mining, boating, farming, caravan parks and camping, and those operating in vast and often remote spaces, having a reliable wireless network with rapid speeds and strong signals is essential. This is what you can expect from an M-Techs outdoor wireless network.

Our outdoor wireless installation services will ensure 100% availability even in QLD’s most remote and challenging outdoor environments.

Point-to-Point WiFi

Point-to-point WiFi, also known as P2P or point-to-point wireless bridge, lets users wirelessly connect two or more locations using one internet connection.

In addition to the cost-savings of one internet service, our point-to-point WiFi installations enable users to share files and other data types across the network. They’re highly dependable, flexible, easy to install and offer lightning-fast speed.

Guest WiFi and Corporate WiFi

Guest WiFi acts as a sub-network of a Corporate WiFi network, whereby a portion is used to create a wireless guest network for temporary visitors. Guest WiFi and Corporate WiFi installations are standard for hotels and accommodation providers, airports, shopping centres and other areas that welcome transient guests and customers.

Our Guest WiFi and Corporate WiFi installations improve security and privacy, limit internet resources, support access levels and parental controls, and feature easy-to-change passwords.

Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi is a group of WiFi nodes acting as a single seamless WiFi network instead of using a single router. Such a network is highly beneficial to mining companies and autonomous technologies.

When connected, our Mesh WiFi systems offer multiple WiFi sources (or points), ensuring faster internet speeds, better reliability and wider wireless coverage.

IoT Solutions

With the expansion of technology paired with a robust wireless network, the sky’s the limit regarding IoT device possibilities and capabilities. Whether you require IoT installation and maintenance, or a commissioned IoT device integrated into a new or existing network, M-Techs has the capacity and experience to help you execute your initiatives.

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